MotoGloss works closely with our clients on every design and paint project to ensure satisfaction. Robert is always happy to work from your design, but can also help create a winning look for you. PPG Paints are used for the best possible finish. Turnaround time is estimated on a per-project basis, but normally standard paint designs can be done in approximately one week.

If you're looking for a single color or multiple colors, MotoGloss can make it happen. Have race or track day fairings? We can get you looking great as you pass your friend outta turn 11 and get on the podium! Street fairings? Not a problem, we can make that lowside disappear and get your bike looking stock again, or go complete custom. Anything is possible!


Crash lately? Crash a lot? So do I! Don't worry; bodywork is essential if your bike has been laid down. It is the foundation for the paint and will determine the quality of the finish. If done wrong, your paint will come out looking like garbage, but if done right, no one will ever know the bike has been in an accident. MotoGloss uses the best techniques in fiberglass work to repair your fairings and get them looking new again.